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Steering Dampers

Steering Dampers

Anarchy Offroad Steering dampers reduce unwanted vibration and feedback through steering systems in rough conditions. Our Steering Dampers are designed to vastly improve steering control of your vehicle.


All Anarchy Offroad Shock Wildman Shock Absorbers And Struts Are Dyno And Load Tested On A Roehrig 10Vs Damper Dynamometer. This Process Ensures A Consistent Shock Valve Force Guarantee fantastic ride comfort and control. Many Things Affect Vehicles In Motion. Weight, Weight Distribution, Speed, Road Conditions And Wind Are Some Of The Factors That Affect How A Vehicle Travels Down The Highway. Under All These Variables, However, The Vehicle's Suspension System Must Continue To Provide Steering Stability With Good Handling Characteristics. And, At The Same Time, Maximize Passenger Comfort. Steering Stability And Passenger Comfort Are What We Refer To By "Good Ride Control".



36mm Big Bore

Triple Lip NOK Seals

Fuch's Premium Shock Absorber Oil

16mm Hard Chrome Rods

Urethane Bushings

3 Year 60,000km Warranty