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Leaf Springs

Leaf Springs



Designed to suit most of the carpark these springs will average a 50mm of lift (depending on specific loadouts).  The are designed to give excellent handling and ride control and a sportier more responsive ride.



The right selection for vehicles carrying larger accessory or constant loadouts.  Will provide excellent ride control and handling and will resist sag under heavier conditions.


Parabolic Springs

Parabolic springs have leaves that are tapered. Parabolic leaves have the same shape & function of a complete multi-leaf spring assembly (The leaves  of a parabolic spring are thicker in centre & thinner at outer ends). A single parabolic leaf is able to cope with the same forces inside the leaf as would a complete conventional 8 multi-leaf or more spring. The ideal parabolic spring requires only one leaf but with safety in mind parabolic springs have a minimum of two leaves. The 2nd leaf is a wrap style leaf to act as a safeguard in the event of a breakage. 

  • Two Stage style spring(rear) that can carry load without compromising comfort.
  • Unladen ride and handling maintained. (Not great for heavy load situations)
  • Less inter-leaf friction as leaves are separated by inter-leaf blocs thus reduces rusting & ‘binding’ .
  • Design is lighter and more able to flex than conventional multi-leaf thus better traction & axle articulation in bumpy conditions.
  • Less prone to sagging and loss of camber.