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Kit Selection

Choosing the right lift kit for your vehicle is very important, so take the time to look through the list below to select the right kit for your accessory load and vehicle. Remember we are here to help so if your not sure then drop us a line and we will get you sorted PH: (08) 9258 8011


Performance Coil and Leaf Springs: Ride will be sportier than original suspension. These springs suit light to medium loads. This spring is recommended when the given load may be occasional or temporary. Excellent for vehicles which have some 4x4 accessories fitted.

Heavy Duty Coil and Leaf Springs: Are best for vehicles carrying constant heavy loads. Suitable when multiple heavy accessories or steel tray's / toolboxes fitted. These springs should are not ideal when the vehicle has light or no load present as it can effect vehicle ride, comfort and braking performance.

Extra Heavy Duty Coil & Leaf Springs: Extra heavy duty springs are to be used on very heavily laden vehicles where the load is constant and large! They are best used with heavier constant payloads are combined with heavy accessories.

GVM Springs: These kits are designed to increase the GVM load for vehicles.  Please note registration with relevant authorities is a must with these kits and they must be fitted by certified installers.