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Coil Springs

Coil Springs


All Anarchy Offroad Coil Springs Are Dyno And Load Tested On A Roehrig 10Vs Damper Dynamometer. This Process Ensures A Consistent Shock Valve Force And Spring Rate On All Shocks And Coil Springs. Many Things Affect Vehicles In Motion. Weight, Weight Distribution, Speed, Road Conditions And Wind Are Some Of The Factors That Affect How A Vehicle Travels Down The Highway. Under All These Variables, However, The Vehicle's Suspension System Must Continue To Provide Steering Stability With Good Handling Characteristics. And, At The Same Time, Maximize Passenger Comfort. Steering Stability And Passenger Comfort Are What We Refer To By "Good Ride Control".  Coming in several different load ratings the correct selection for your vehicle is very important to maintain that "Good Ride Control"


Performance Coils.

Designed to suit most of the carpark these springs will average a 50mm of lift (depending on specific loadouts).  The are designed to give excellent handling and ride control and a sportier more responsive ride.


HD Coils

The right selection for vehicles carrying larger accessory or constant loadouts.  Will provide excellent ride control and handling and will resist sag under heavier conditions.


Progressive Rate

Progressive rate springs are the ultimate in spring design. The principle is simple. The spring rate increases when you need it (cornering, load carrying etc.) and decreases it when you don't. The science behind designing a progressive rate coil is knowing over what suspension travel and to what degree the spring rate will increase. Performance Progressive Rate Springs provide a substantial increase to spring rate with minimal loss of ride comfort. By design the spring rate increases and decreases where necessary. As the spring de-rates (the spring rate decreases) the shock absorber no longer struggles for rebound control and gives improved vehicle stability.