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Q. How do we compare to other leading brands?
A Out of all the suspension suppliers in Australia there are only a handful that actually have product manufactured here in Australia and we are one of those suppliers. Also out of all the shocks on the market there is only one Australian manufacturer and all the rest are imported. So all things considered Anarchy Offroad suspension can hold its own or outperform any other brand available on the market.
Q. What brand are your shocks?
A Anarchy Offroad have a manufacturing license agreement with a number of major shock absorber manufacturers. You will find this is the same situation with most major shock suppliers in Australia. Anarchy Offroad shocks are made under license overseas.
Q. Where are our springs made?
A Approximately 30% of our springs are made here in Australia. The other 70% is manufactured under license overseas, which you will find is the case with most of the other major suspension suppliers in Australia.
Q. How much will our suspension raise the vehicle?
A General rule of thumb is up to 2" above standard ride height. However this depends on any additional accessories that may have been added to the vehicle for example winch, long range tanks, storage systems etc: We do carry specially designed springs for use with heavily laden vehicles to achieve that 2" lift. In some cases if the vehicle is carrying no extra weight and has a sagged original suspension you can get around a 3" lift. Please contact our offices on 08 9258 8011 to discuss kit selection prior to ordering if you have any concerns or would like further advice. IFS Front vehicles using Torsion bars will generally only see 25-35mm lift in the front end.
Q. What is your warranty period?

Anarchy Offroad warrant all four-wheel drive parts to the original purchaser for a period of 3 years or 60,000 kilometres whichever occurs first. (Note exception: Use in mining industries - warranty period is for a period of 1 year or 20,000 kilometres whichever occurs first.)